Keto Made Easy

Digital cookbooks with easy to make, healthy, and delicious keto recipes.

Have the cake, but make it keto.

Do you have a sweet tooth? After dinner or when entertaining guests, we love to have something sweet, but we are unwilling to compromise on our nutrition. Over the years, we have developed recipes that allow us to indulge while still fitting into our keto diet perfectly! All of these recipes are in this digital cookbook.​

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Slow cook your way to keto success.

Sound familiar? Well it's time to set it and forget it! The beauty of the recipes in this digital cookbook is that they take only a few minutes to toss into the slow cooker. Hours later, you'll have an incredibly delicious and tender meal for the whole family. Save time without sacrificing on nutrition!

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Keto made fast, with recipes for the whole family.

Life is so busy, who has the time to cook? Lack of time is the #1 factor preventing people from making good dietary choices. We have a secret though! Cooking healthy, homemade meals doesn't actually take much time at all. For the past 3 years we have been cooking keto dinners from scratch every night and have come up with some delicious staple recipes! The best ones are in this digital cookbook.

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Keto Desserts, Drinks, Dips and More!

Low fat? NO WAY!! This digital ebook brings you a healthy and delicious way to reintroduce fats back into your diet. A fat bomb is a small, but satisfying snack that is high in fat and low in both carbs and protein. Usually, they are sweet, although the Fat Bomb Bible contains savory fat bombs, dips, drinks and 60-second breads and cakes. 

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What do people really think?

As an entrepreneur and mom of 2, I am thrilled to have a cookbook for my slow cooker. I love to make dinner everyday but am constantly short on time so this is literally the most useful (and exciting) book to have on hand for this winter in New York! Megha and Matt strike recipe gold yet again.


They’ve dipped into their bottomless, fat-filled reservoir of innovative and delicious ideas. The Fat Bomb Bible is a beautifully photographed guide to a new batch of creations. It’s presented with all the expertise and down-to-earth fun that I’ve come to know and love through their food blog, YouTube channel, and podcast.

Whether it’s a sweet or savory fat bomb, a dip, or even a keto-friendly drink you’re hankering for, there’s something in this e-book that will keep you satisfied!


It's filled with some of the most creative combinations I have come across, and Matt & Megha developed a huge variety of unique recipes that will satisfy any palate. From sweet to savory, this collection is a great resource for anyone trying to meet their macros or just craving a delicious and filling treat. Highly recommended!


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